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How to Do a Back Workout | Gym Workout


Decent video. Since this forum is more dedicated to working out in your Home Gym, I'd like to point out to everyone that in case you don't have a lat pull down bar. (I don't) if you have a pulley machine, you could use one strap in each hand, facing the machine sitting on the ground and pull down like that.

Or, in it's most basic form, just do wide grip pull ups. If any of your have done p90x, you'll see that those are an integral part of his back workout that he runs you through.

Everything else in this video, back flys and lawnmower pulls, can all be done at home with your dumbells.
Theres two types of dumbell row. One with knee resting on bench. And another shown on this video. Is both style for same muscle? And which is effective?
do these exercises in this video work all the back muscles?
First he said 3 sets for dumbell row. Then at the end he said 4 sets
I like your videos bro.. You've got yourself a new subscriber for your channel now. Thanks for the tips, keep them coming...
Great video. But can someone answer the question above- do these exercises in this video work all the back muscles?
Shoulder blade position isn't noted
Thanks bro. Just starting. This is awesome

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