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The ideal Hvac Setup
One of the things that drives me crazy when I'm traveling and working out in hotel gyms is how hot they get. For some reason hotels haven't figured out that people work hard, and actually sweat! Sometimes if you get more that 4-5 people in that small space it's like being in a sauna.

When I built out our home gym, this was a concern. So, even though we are in the basement, and the contractor told us we would be ok. I had them install a central air conditioning system with a damper. Basically this allows me to control the temp in the gym (we keep it at 62 degrees) and have the rooms next to it that are on the same air conditioner, kept at different levels.

I realize that if you aren't building a home gym from scratch, this may not be possible. Just wanted to throw that idea out that.

However, the other thing that has helped keep it cook are some rotating ceiling fans. (just google, dual rotating ceiling fans) and you'll get a good idea of what I'm talking about. These work really well.
Yeah I know what you mean, i've been visiting every gym in my town to see which one was best for my needs and omg were some of them hot and sweaty.
How am I supposed to work out if I can litterally smell the guy next to me?

More cool = less sweat boys! Right?
I get the problem, some gyms that I've been working out before actually had NO AIR CONDITIONER imagine that!
I solve that problem by just opening windows and the door, it is enough for now to supply enough fresh air.

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