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Dan's Plan
Hi guys, my name is Daniel and i'm new to this website.

I'm starting my own personal training plan soon so get in shape and lose some weight, and i'd like to get some tips from anyone who might be able to offer them.

The plan: Losing weight, building muscles but prefferably through cardio and medium muscle training, I dislike getting myself pumped up like a balloon animal so I won't be benching too much. Basicly I want to get in shape by moving a lot, without too much on-the-spot muscle pumping. I would like to be more agile without gaining too much bulk.

Can anyone give me an example of what would be the perfect set for me? I can run aproximately 20 minutes without getting too tired, I can do about 20 pushups per set, decreasing to 10-15 after a few sets.

I don't have any numbers on what I can bench because I haven't really done much of it.

I'm about 1,83M tall (183 CM) and I weigh just over 95KG.
My current body shape is normal overweight, I have a bit of a beergut and my body looks like you'd expect of someone with my numbers.
Seems very editable since i'm not so fat that I can't work out or that it's draining too much of my energy.

Any tips & tricks or suggested work-out plans would be amazing, thanks in advance!

Sounds like doing parkour is litterally perfect for you. If you have access to an obstacle course you can train yourself there, running doesn't require a machine, neither do the other forms of cardio. Muscle training without pumping is a matter of time with parkour.

If parkour isn't your thing, I would suggest focussing on cardio for now to get yourself in shape more, and if you've lost the weight you want to lose you can take a hard look in the mirror and decide if you still need more muscles or not.

A general set I would do if I were you:

- 10 minutes of running
- 20 pushups
- 5 minutes of running
- 15 pushups
- 5 minutes of running
- 10 pushups
- 5 minutes of running
- 5 pushups

This is a very simple set to do at home or anywhere you want to, the simple setup of the workout is to relax and simplify your mind a little.
You can play with the variables of course.
You may want to look into High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).  There's tons of information out there about it and some pretty compelling recent research that shows that 14 minutes of HIIT gives equal to or better cardio benefit than 40 minutes of sustained, medium intensity cardio exercise (e.g. running). 

Personally, I find cardio boring and I'm not very good at it, so HIIT has been my choice in the past while and I'm very pleased with the results.

Also, keep in mind that no matter how much cardio or weight training or other exercise you do, the biggest factor in weight loss and overall health is always going to be diet.  I don't subscribe to any particular kind of diet plan.  I'm just a "moderation in all things" kind of guy: smaller portions, no soda (almost none anyway), that kind of thing.  I'm no fitness model, but I stay in decent shape for my age, and I never feel like I'm killing or depriving myself.

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