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Other workout places
For those who want to train at home instead of at the gym but don't have any equipment, did you know that a children's playground can be the perfect place to work out?

Monkey bars are amazing for doing pull-ups or lots of swinging, you can actually try some tricks and have some fun with a few friends if that's optional. 
You can climb on top of the monkey bars and do pushups, you can entangle your legs in the monkeybars from the side and do some very cool-looking situps, there are so many things you can do and that's just with the monkey bars.

Of course you want a small playground where there are prefferably no kids around who may try to copy what you do and injure themselves, but if you have one nearby your home it's a very good addition to your home setup.

That's a great idea. Very creative, I can see where there would be quite a few body weight workouts that you could do there. It would be good way to do interval training as well, run around the park, get your heart rate up, then hit the playground.

But yeah, make sure the kids aren't around.. lol
I agree, there is a park near my house and I worked out couple of times there, it was really interesting for a change! It is good to change from time to time your workout place Smile

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