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Fat Burning Abs Workout

wait I don't think this is an abs work out I couldn't feel the pain in my abs only in my back the heck..?
I'm not an abs expert, but I know Russian twists can be effective for the obliques (I think) but yeah, be careful with any ab workouts if you have back problems. One of my favorites is to get the rope handle on the pulley machine, and kneel down in front of it and crunch down. You can do a ton of weight like that. And it doesn't hurt your back Smile
If you're having back problems, chances are that you're doing the excersise wrong. When your abdomen muscles aren't pulling their weight (so to speak) the back recieves all the strain. It's possible to do exercises like this without actually straining your abs too much which is the wrong way to do it.

Keep your core muscles tight, don't use your back, use only your abs to do the exercise and you should be feeling the burn coming.
Make sure your body feels right when working out, the only kinds of pain you should be enduring are the feeling of your body burning fat and the sore muscles that follow the day after a workout.

The latter will go away after a while though, especially if you stretch well and medidate and rest plenty.
to be honest the main workout is for beginers even if it shows side videos what a beginer should do!!!it is a very good workout if you have just started for the first time!!! thank you tho for the video!!!
at wasn't a workout. It was like a game...."Go"..."Rest"...."Congratulations your workout is complete"
I'll do It for 2 weeks, 5 day a week and 4 time each rime.
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when I do the butterfly exercise, my back is so pain ~ is that normal ?
Whoa, great video! I haven't seen it before! As I can see, it is for more than just burning fat on your stomach. I think it could help me get rid of the fat from few more other places! I will make sure that I try it next time (I can already feel the pain just by watching the video Big Grin )

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