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Lighting your Home Gym
Not everyone will have a chance to design their gym from the ground up. Most of us have to make do with an existing space (basement, living room, garage etc) and that's fine. Couple of pointers that I've found helpful in setting up gym lighting.

1- Use as much natural light as possible. My gym is in the basement, but we made sure that we had a big window to let in as much light as possible. 

2- Keep it bright.  I guess this is probably a personal decision, but I like my workout space to be bright and well lit. Can't stand shadowy dark corners or different areas. I used as many can type recessed lights as possible. I don't think it really matter what kind of lights (Led, Can lights, etc) that you use, but just like power outlets, put in more than you think you will need.

3-Put in a dimmer. I know, I know... I just said keep it bright. But, you might have someone in your family that likes Yoga or Pilates etc.. and might want to turn the lights down (just a thought)

4- Two for one. What I mean by this is.. if you are tight on budget, try to incorporate your lights and ceiling fans together. It will keep you cool, and hopefully keep it bright in there.
The gym I go to has plenty of LED lights and also a glass roof thats amazing for working out.
It's set up to look real nature like so you can really train in a cool looking place you know?
It gets too hot around noon when the sun hits the windows though, the owners havent found a solution for that one which is why around noon the gym isnt very crowded, most people take their breaks or go to lunch around that time lol..
Since I have plenty of windows, light during the day is enough for to brighten the place.
And my gym isn't that big yet (unfortunately) so couple of led lights finish the job for the night workouts Wink

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