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What made you work out?
What are your reasons to start working on your body? And what are your goals?

I've always been kind of medium-skinny so i've never had much trouble being too fat or anything, but I did feel like such a basic girl for not being very tough or hot or anything. So I decided to work out a lot, and it gave me a huge confidence boost, a pack to show off at the beach and a TON of workout buddies!

My goal is keeping my body as fit as it is now while living a healthy life, i've already found a sucsesfull handsome husband so i've got basicly all my goals in life covered  Heart .
I started because I wanted to be bigger and tougher. I used to be a bit of a loser acting tough when I wasnt. But now i'm a grown man who don't act like a fool all the time. I grew up and I grew big lol. My goal is to always be big and tough but also respectfull and patient.

I hate people who are big and use it to terrorize other people..
Growing as a person for sure, growing up and growing strong.
I work out to add to my growing process. I'm growing in a lot of ways both mentally and physically at the moment.
Peace of body = Peace of mind.
A strong body brings me a strong mind. I like to feel energy and power but also feeling balance and peace.
To be healthy and reduce the risk of many diseases that come hand in hand with being overweight
I was tired of feeling like shit and I wanted to make a positive change in my life. I've lost a little over 100lbs at this point
I've always been overweight so I really always needed more physical activity than other people. That was the only reason, but after a while I liked it and now it is because of the pleasure that it gives me.
Well, I am young and I think that now is the time for the best look I can get. That's why I decided to start with this. I know that results won't come quickly but I will be patient! Smile

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